Friday, May 29, 2009

Your Amazing Brain Functions

The brain functions are illustrated by describing the complicated act of playing piano, when the various networks perform an amazing array of tasks simultaneously. As the pianist plays, his brain controls all of this functions (his heartbeat, the lungs drawing in the air he breathes, the chemistry metabolism of his body and body temperature, as well as his MUSCLE COORDINATION). The muscles of the pianist's hands, arms, feet, legs and body are smoothly coordinated by the lower levels of consciousness in the lower portions of the brain.

At the same time his SENSES ARE INTEGRATED. Messages from the eyes, ears and other receivers lead into the center of the brain, which brings together and coordinates incoming information so that the sound of music combines with the touch of the keys into one experience. THOUGHT AND MEMORY take place in the cerebral cortex, the brain's most elaborate center. This grayish matter is about one centimeter thick and covers the entire brain. In the highest center of thought sensations are registered and voluntary actions are begun. Here decisions are made and the higher thought process occur. Stored memory is in use as the pianist reads a score of music and recalls thousands of memorize notes. EMOTION from the emotional center of the brain is aroused by playing and listening to music. All types of emotion radiate from this center and have a profound effect on the various systems of the body.

Combine with this the external adjustment the brain makes. The pianist kept adjusted to unpredictable events in the outside world (reactions to others listening, as well as preserving his identity in an environment of changes.

The operation of the brain can be divided into three parts. First, it receives input in the form of messages from the sense of organs which include those for sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, position, cold, pressure, and pain. Second, it organizes the input on the basis of past experience, current events, and future plans. This information is placed in the memory bank. Third, it selects and produces an appropriate output or an action or series of actions.

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