Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Plant-Based Diet

Vegetarian diet is a well known diet across the globe. It is a diet of plant-based foods. A person who considered themselves a vegetarian eat only plant-based foods.

I am a vegetarian. For my type, I eat eggs (I am not a vegan). I started practicing this diet back in July 2008. Now, it is almost 7 months being a vegetarian. The experience of being a vegetarian is very challenging for me. People will always ask me why-based-question regarding my diet. Nevertheless, I can answer all the questions given unto me.

I would like to suggest readers to become a vegetarian. This is only a suggestion. Readers have their rights to become a vegetarian or not.

However, being a vegetarian will give you a lot of benefit, now and in the future. You may say that it is not enough in terms of nutrient (one can get all the nutrient by being a vegetarian), even so, I am the proof you have. I have the experience of being a vegetarian.

Believe me or not, i never feel so good before I become a vegetarian.

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