Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breads and Cereals

Besides being a low cost energy food, whole grain products are an important source of the vitamins, iron, phosphorus and protein. Choosing a variety of whole grains such as unrefined rice, oats, and wheat not only adds interest to meals, but improves the nutrition. These are classified as "energy" foods. Four or more serving (half cup per serving) of whole grain foods such as mentioned above are recommended each day.
When the wheat or rice has been refined to produce white flour or white polished rice, at least 19 different foods nutrients are removed or destroyed. Even when you use enriched flour, you are only getting about 6 of these nutrients replaced in the flour. Compare the amount of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and iron in white flour and white rice with that in whole wheat flour and brown rice.

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Even weevils (small bugs) are smarter than most people. Just ask the market man which bag of rice has the most weevils or bugs, the white polished rice or the brown rice (unrefined rice). If the weevil has a choice, it will gladly choose to eat the nutritious brown rice first, for it seems to sense there is more real food value for it in the brown rice. The same is true for white flour and whole wheat flour. If we would only educate our taste buds to enjoy the wholesome flavor of brown rice and whole wheat bread instead of white rice and white bread, what a difference it would make in our health and vigor.

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