Friday, May 22, 2009

The Sour Side of Sugar

If you look carefully, sweets and desserts are not in included in the three basic foods. Why? Because most of us from the time we were children have developed an excessive taste for sweets. Sugar is a habit forming food. The more we eat of it, the more we want. Concentrated sweets, such as ice cream, cakes, cookies, or sweet biscuits, soft drinks and candy, contain large amount of empty calories because of the high amount of sugar they contain.

Too much sugar in the system reduces the ability of the body to combat infection by lessening the activity of the white cells, the body's defense mechanism. Your dentist will tell you that excessive sugar in the diet and between meal sweets are the most important factor in producing tooth decay. As soon as the bloodstream transport the sugar to the small tubules of the teeth, free circulation of the fluid stops. The sugar clogs the system from the inside. At the same time bacteria within the mouth continue their destructive work on the sugared teeth. Under this two-fold attack the tooth soon give way, because the body's ability to fight decay has been impaired by the intake of sugar.

But, you say "I don't heap sugar on my food". Maybe not. But do you know that much of the sugar you eat is well hidden. One bottle of soft drink, for example, contains from 6 to 11 teaspoonful of sugar. One scoop of ice cream contains 4 teaspoon of sugar. One piece of cake contains up to 8 teaspoon of sugar. Sweetened condensed milk, jellies, jams, and candy contain excessive amount of sugar.

If you or your children spend money on these sweet foods every day, you will soon be spending more for dentist and doctor bills. No, it is not necessary to ban all sugar, but eat those types of food that contain a lot of sugar sparingly.

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