Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Advantage of a Vegetarian Diet

You may have noticed that we have not mentioned much about meat. Anyone who really wants to go all out in seeking good health and long life ought to seriously consider the possibility of becoming a vegetarian. Although such an approach to diet is ancient, today vegetarianism is enjoying a new wave of popularity. Many are beginning to see the wisdom of obtaining their nutrition first hand from plant life rather than second hand through the flesh of animals.

You see, plants manufacture food from the elements with the use of the sun's energy. No animal can do this. It is much less expensive and also healthier to go to the source of all goodness, the plant itself. A vegetarian diet without meat provides your body with adequate amounts of nutrition in all respects.

I can hear you say, "Surely you don't expect a hard working man to do a hard day's work on just rice and vegetables and fruit?" Why not? The ox, the horse and elephant perform astounding feats of strength and they eat nothing but plant food. True, the tiger eat meat, but it is only great on short bursts of energy, not sustained power for work.

Our body was constructed to digest and use a diet consisting of food from the plant kingdom. We do not have long, sharp teeth like a tiger, cat or dog that are used to tear meat. Our teeth are more for grinding food. Although a meat diet may furnish the element of nutrition, our body has to use more energy to digest and metabolize meat products.

The real test of strength is endurance. In the past, a Swedish scientist tested nine trained athletes on a stationary bicycle apparatus. Their assignment was to pump the bicycle until their leg muscles were no longer able to respond. For 3 days he fed the men their normal mixed diet consisting of vegetables, fruit, meat, and grains. The men worked for 114 minutes before the were exhausted.
Then for 3 days these same athletes were given a high fat and protein diet consisting of meat, fish and eggs. the athletes had to quit from exhaustion after 57 minutes of exercise.
Then these same men were given a 3 day diet that was strictly vegetarian, consisting of grains, nuts, vegetables and fruit. This time they were able to hold out and exercise for 167 minutes, nearly 3 times as long as when they ate a diet consisting largely of meat.
Surveys have shown that vegetarians generally have less trouble with high blood pressure; lower cholesterol and, therefore, less possibility of coronary heart disease. They have also less trouble with constipation.

The eating meat is a question of taste rather than necessity for health. Try gradually eating less meat each day or each week. If you feel you must eat meat, limit it to fish and chicken which are particularly low in fats and cholesterol. But best of all, substitute the protein foods suggested in the previous posts. You will save money and increase your body's vitality by eating the original perfect diet God planned for you. Won't you choose today to enjoy this bountiful variety of whole grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables that the Creator has so abundantly provided?

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