Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fibre and Food Supplement

Fibre occupies an important place in good nutrition. Previously it was thought that fibre and roughage were only necessary to insure adequate bowel function. We know that because of the highly refined and processed foods which are so often eaten on today's world, that there is a sad neglect of fibre in the diet. This lack is related to many of the diseases of the intestinal tract and even to coronary heart disease. Fibres are found in the covering of the kernel of grain whether it be rice, oats or wheat, and are also found in vegetables and fruits.

Good nutrition cannot be bought in a bottle, pill or capsule. Neither extra vitamins, extra proteins, or other much advertised dietary supplements can take the place of simple good food. They do not add any advantage in energy or building tissue. Such supplements usually contain their nutrients in quantity unrelated to the body requirements and they cause imbalance. The smallest amount of food that will serve to keep the body in the state of high efficiency is physiologically the most economical and hence the best adapted for the needs of the body. Any excess over and above what is really needed is not only economical, but may be injurious.

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