Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good Diet

Good nutrition requires intake of sufficient foods suited to the needs of the individual. How do you know then that you are getting the type of food that the body needs? No one food contains all the elements in the exact amount the body needs. This means that you should eat a variety of foods each day.

There are six general classes of nutrients found in foods which perform the function that's necessary to keep the body growing and healthy.
  1. Carbohydrates - Nearly two-thirds of a day's calories should come from carbohydrates, since they furnish most of the energy necessary for the body each day. Good sources of carbohydrates are fruits and vegetables, cereal grains, such as rice, oats and wheat. The carbohydrates of fruits are mainly in the form of sugar and are ready for quick absorption.
  2. Fats - Fats are our most concentrated form of energy. Essential for good nutrition, they also are necessary for the absorption of certain vitamins. Because they are such a concentrated source of energy, excessive fat taken in is usually stored. Therefore it should be eaten sparingly. Cooking oil, margarine and butter and fatty meats are examples of fat. Vegetable oil for cooking and margarine are low in saturated fat, so they are more desirable than animal fats.
  3. Proteins - Proteins are building blocks for maintaining and repairing body cells. Animals food contain large proportions of proteins and also large amounts of saturated fat. Legumes, such as soy beans, peanuts and different types of beans are high quality of protein. In fact vegetable sources, mainly cereal grains, provide about seventy percent of the world's protein supply.
  4. Vitamins - Vitamins are minute chemical substances which help to regulate the body processes. You will get adequate vitamins if you eat a variety of fruits and vegetable each day.
  5. Minerals - Minerals are also nutrients used in regulating many of the body's processes. Iron in food is necessary for good blood; calcium and phosphorus for strong bones.
  6. Water - Water is classified as an essential nutrient since it is the medium in which all of the chemical activity of the body takes place. It does serve as a regulating substance.
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