Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Exercise Does For You

If you are physically fit, you will be able to withstand fatigue for longer periods; you will be better equipped to tolerate physical stress; you will have a stronger and more efficient heart. There is a relationship between good mental alertness, absence of physical tension, and physical fitness.

Exercise aids digestion. It increases the efficiency of your lungs, conditioning them to process more air with less effort. Exercise strengthens your muscles and bones, relaxes your nerves and increases your body's resistance to disease. It beautifies your complexion and skin. It even strengthens you mind.

Would you like to slow down you aging process, and restore you zest for life and youthful activity? Exercise may change your whole outlook on life. You will learn to relax, develop a better image of yourself, and tolerate the stress of daily living. You will sleep better, and get more work done with less fatigue.

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