Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exercise Pays Off

Hello guys, how are you today? ... That's good... Okay, let's continue. You were made to be active. before you were born, your mother knew you were alive when she felt you move. You were born kicking, stretching, and moving.

During your early life as a child and youth, the desire to exercise came naturally. But something happens to you as you grow older. Your activity slows down; you do not seem to find time to exercise. With all our modern inventions, the only indication of life some people show is when they get up from the chair to flick on the television or computer.

Your ancestors who lived long ago in a rural environment had enough exercise in each day's activities. Men labored at their work and when they went somewhere, they walked. Except for infections, they were healthier then we are today.

While modern inventions (cars, buses, trains, taxis, lifts, elevator, etc.) have brought convenience, less work and speed, they have contributed to the neglect of the use of your muscles.

Even recreation has changed. Are you among the thousands who sit watching soccer games getting emotionally excited over the play of 22 young athletes on a distant field?

We cannot all become laborers again, so we must compromise. We must fit into our lives a program of adequate muscle use. We cannot remain healthy and neglect taking regular, systematic daily exercise.

The Voice of Prophecy

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