Friday, March 6, 2009

How Your Body Functions

You are a living organism made up of thousands of millions of cells. Every activity, no matter how small, is the end product of complex bio-chemical reactions started and carried out by enzyme systems.
An enzyme is a chemical which starts or promotes another chemical reaction. A single cell may have several thousand enzymes, which are similar to minute chemical factories, carrying out the life processes. Each enzyme has its work to do to bring about a specific chemical reaction necessary to life. Each step of this series of reaction must be correct if the end is to contribute to the health of the whole.

We might compare our body and its functions to a motor car factory with its main assembly line and many tributaries. One tributary brings the car body into place, and another the engine, the fuel pump, or wheels. All are different, and yet all are essential for the beautiful smooth-running motor car that glides off the end of the line.

If, however, there is a fault in the assembly line, the car will be defective. If a wheel is left off or the fuel pump is not functioning properly, it will be less than a perfect car.

Workmen watch these assembly lines to prevent any irregularities, and to keep each operation moving at the right speed. Each product must arrive at the right place at the right time, andin the right amount.

Your body, too, must coordinate its functions. To maintain the smooth running of your health assembly line requires that no part be permitted to rust out through disuse or idleness, or be worn out through excessive demands. Every functional unit requires support and guidance (your brain and your nervous system), provision of materials (your food), and opportunity for maintenance and repair (rest and exercise). Therefore, another reasonable definition of health might be, "Health is every functional unit working efficiently, adequately supported and appropriately guided."

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