Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cause of Disease

I can almost hear you say, "If my body is so beautifully designed, then why do I have a toothache on Monday, a dizzy spell on Wednesday, and a headache on Friday? Why am I so often tired? What's wrong?"

Maybe your faulty habits have caused over production on one hand, or a deficiency on the other. Your problem may be physiological, such as night without much sleep. It may be emotional if you live with fear, anger, or worry. It may be pathological, if you were exposed to disease germs. Any one or combination of causes may overwhelm your body defenses and result in sickness.

The amount of stress you can stand without having your body functions thrown out of balance is an index of your health. The stress may be climbing ten flights of stairs, or warding off a cold. When a "flu" epidemic sweeps the country, many people get sick, but others who equally exposed, do not. Those who do not get sick have a stronger resistance. In other words, their support systems are in good working order and their defenses are strong.

Many years ago disease was considered a curse of God or of the devil. About 100 years ago germs were discovered to produce illness. Accumulating evidence indicates that environmental factors today are also involved in the cause of disease. Relatively recently the way one lives, or his life style, has been shown to greatly influence the state of wellness or illness.

Health is concerned with your total environment-both your internal environment and your external environment-all of you. That relationship determines whether you will be sick or well. To have every functional unit working effectively, adequately supported and appropriately guided, requires a way of life where complete harmony exists between your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual environments within and around your entire person. Disharmony will result in a breakdown somewhere along the line and produce illness sooner or later. The factors which make up this lifestyle are so simple that most of us overlook them. Let's consider one of these physical factors for enjoying good health.

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