Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How To Exercise?

Everyone needs proper and adequate exercise. Even if you are a housewife, doing your household chores does not give you enough of the right kind of exercise. Schoold children may not get enough. Office workers, teachers, clerks, and factory workers certainly do not get enough. What type of exercise programme will increase your endurance, your strength, and your oxygen supply to your body? You should choose exercise which will do just these things.

The best form of exercise depends upon your age, sex, physical condition and preferences. It should be something you enjoy doing, that fits easily into your daily schedule, and that is vigorous enough to give you the tonic effect you need.

Walking is the simplest type of exercise and the best all around prescription for healthful living. It is free, requiring no equipment, suitable for all ages, it can be done at your own convenience, either alone or with a companion. The walking we are talking about is brisk walking, using fast, long steps. Sauntering, window shopping, slow walking - these, though may be tiring, do not bring the stride into action. Only brisk walking will produce the desired effect. In the evening, a brisk walk is more helpful than a tranquilizer for a good night's sleep.

Jogging (running and walking alternately) has recently become popular. If you aspire to jog or run, first learn to walk. You may enjoy tennis, volleyball, swimming, hiking, skating, badminton, and gardening. More strenuous activities may be indulged in by those who are in fit condition, such as basketball, soccer, and squash.

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