Monday, June 29, 2009

Examples of Emotional Illness

Tom, a progressive young business man was often bothered by a heavy feeling across his chest. It was like a tight band around him. He could not breathe freely. Feeling sure he had heart or lung trouble, he went to a clinic in a large city. Much time was spent carefully examining him by many different doctors, but no physical disease was found.

Still sick, Tom returned home. His own family doctor, who had known him for a long time, was aware of the difficulty. He knew that Tom was working in the office of his father, who dominated the business. Tom, who was very capable, was left in an inferior role. Filled with rebellion against his father, he was taking his feelings out on himself. When all this was explained to him, Tom determined, with God's help, to get rid of his bitterness. With the "load" off his chest, he soon felt better.

Mary developed a persistent headache for which there seemed to be no cause. After much careful investigation she became aware of the fact that her headaches began when her sister-in-law, whom she greatly dislikes, had come to stay with her two years previously. This cause inward tension which had to come out somewhere. It came out in the form of a headache. She was an example that the expression, "That person gives me a pain in the neck" or "That person gives me a headache" can actually be true.

Dolly is a young woman who carried a heavy responsibilities at home. She had a sickly mother to care for, and a father who was an alcoholic. While doing her best to maintain the home, she also had to put up a good front to the outside world at her job. Eventually she reacted to the situation. Frequently she was bothered by persistent vomiting. She lost weight and was finally hospitalized.

all examinations of her digestive tract were normal. However, a careful talk with her revealed that the real cause of her problem was her home situation. It was "too much for her to swallow." Her physical symptoms were an expression of what she was unable to put into words or even admit to herself.

The Voice of Prophecy


  1. I visited the nearby Catholic Church to pray in conversation with Jesus Christ before the tabernacle and share with God all about the circumstances of my life and unsolvable emotional problems, the chief of which is and always has been social exclusion and a loneliness that only becomes apparent in the evening, but especially on Saturdays and other perplexing and undecidable situations. I asked Jesus to take away from me a persistant memory of rejection. I also asked Jesus to give a special blessing to a girl I knew many years ago whom I could have married. A strange occurrence took place during this quality time for the altar became plunged into almost total darkness but as I closed the Church door as I was leaving, the altar became fully illuminated again. I had thought that the sun had become obscured by cloud, but the light was artificial. I am not in the least superstitious and concluded that there had been a fault in some electrical circuit, or the lights had been switched off " to save the planet " .

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  3. My brother has been rejected by four consecutive wives, (all his wives), and has rejected all his children, and as a consequence, rejected his only brother and sister, (myself). He is very emotional though a man of the military, after 20 years of service, active duty in Vietnam war. Could possibly be an underlying
    PTD of this traumatic period of his life.
    Our step-father was abusive and arrogant to the degree of beating my brother until our mother intervened, screaming at our step-dad to stop, before killing him.
    My brother took care of our step-father, as an adult, in the last few years of his life, which may have allowed some healing, but my brother still rejects help to this day from anyone. Although he is now having contact with his daughters and one grand-daughter, with Gods' help, he might accept to be helped. At age 69, he remains reclusive, he will continue to have limited contact with me and my husband.