Friday, April 10, 2009

Eating Affects All of You

One of the greatest pleasures in life is sitting down to a delicious, well-prepared, appetizing meal with your family or friends. In fact, just thinking of your favourite dish makes your mouth water in pleasant anticipation. More time is spent with food, in either growing it, preparing it, or eating it, than any other human activity. But have you chosen the right kind of food? Did you know that what you eat affects how you feel? Dr Fredrick Stare of Harvard University said, "In my opinion, nutrition is the most important single environmental factor affecting health. Animal experiments have shown that by improving the diet of the animal, the life can be prolonged by 10% and outward signs of old age can be postponed."

Nutrition affects all of you. It does more than meet your physiological needs. Nutrition affects you mentally and spiritually as well. Diet even affects your personality. Research has shown that vitamin or mineral deficiencies can produce mental and personality changes.

For example, the lack of vitamin B1 makes you feel cross and irritable, and sad and moody. If you lack other factors of the B-complex, you may become depressed, irritable, or your mind may experience strange sensations that does not exist, called hallucinations. Insufficient iron results in lower hemoglobin, or anemia, which reduces the capacity of your red blood cells to carry oxygen to the brain and other parts of the body.

Even the skipping of meals like breakfast can effect your attitude and performance. In a study of a group of secondary school boys, the majority had better grades, as well as improved attitudes when they had a good breakfast. Yet how many boys and girls are sent to school without nourishing breakfast! When mid-morning breaks comes, they take their pocket money and fill up on sweets and soft drinks that only satisfy their hunger, but do nothing to build strong bodies and alert minds.

Another study amongst among a group of factory workers indicated that carelessness and irritability, which led to a greater number of accidents around 11am occurred among those workers who did not eat breakfast. Your body is in great need of food at breakfast than any other period of the day.

After a long fast during the night, your blood sugar is at a low level. Make breakfast the most important meal of the day by giving your body approximately one third of the day's nutrients. The strength of your will, the decision-making area of the brain is related to eating habits. Your mind will be more alert to separate right from wrong.

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