Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Way To Better Living

Everyone needs a healthy body. It is a great blessing to have a healthy body. If you really like to think or make any reformation about your health, why don't you try to answer these questions by yourself, and see if you have any idea about your health boost after this.

  1. Do you enjoy the thrill of waking refreshed, bursting with energy, anxious to start the day?
  2. Is it a pleasure to take your family to the beach and spend the day swimming or playing with your children?
  3. Do you often relax by enjoying a cool evening walk?
  4. Do you find satisfaction in finishing a difficult job around the house?
  1. Is your life a deary routine, punctuated with pills to wake you up, pills to calm you, and pills to put you to sleep?
  2. Is the ringing of the alarm clock the most unpleasant sound of which you can think?
  3. Do you sit dazed on the edge of the bed for several minutes before you can get enough strength to shower and dress?
  4. Does the morning rush-hour traffic cause you to arrive at work or school as tense as a tightly wound spring?
  5. Are you a victim of constant worry and fear, which take the sparkle from your eyes, the lift from your steps, and the smile from your lips?
Think about it now. Keep on track on this blog to read the up coming post about the secret of health.

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