Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Most Important Liquid for Our Body

In the effort of achieving health, we must use water. All life depends on water. Water is considered as important for us. Our cells are made mostly from water. In instant, 60 to 75 per cent of our body weight is contributed by the water inside our body. In addition, water is very important for both our body's growth and maintenance. Lack in drinking water will cause dehydration.

Everyday in our daily life, we lost water through sweat, excretion, and defecation. Our body cannot restore the water we drink. We have to drink water again and again to maintain our body stability. Even when we are not thirsty, we still need to drink some water to regulates our body temperatures. Moreover, the water we drink can ease the process of digestion in our digestion system. Regular consumes of water can results in a healthy body.

So, when should we drink water?

For me, we can drink anytime we want to. However, it is best to drink water 5 minutes before meal and 120 minutes after meal. If you want to drink just after meal, try to stop this habit. Our stomach is unique and amazing. Just after we eat, our stomach will produce gaster juice to break the foods. If we drink water at this point, it will disturb the process of digestion. Nor should we drink too hot or too cold water. It will also disturb our stomach to work properly at the cellular level.

Apart from that, water is used to clean our body. This is simply done by taking a bath everyday in our daily life.

Then, we, the one who have the abundant source of water everyday must be grateful for it. Do not waste the use of water. Remember that there are people out there whose source of water is nowhere to be found.

Anyhow, this liquid is amazing for us. Our health is depend on how we use the water in our hands.

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