Monday, September 7, 2009

You Were Made to Be Free!

The patient was propped up against a thick pillow. He wheezed as he spoke. "I'm a bit nervous. My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I wonder what it will be like living with just one lung."

Every sentence was punctuated with a series of racking coughs. They seemed to tear apart his already thin, fragile-looking body. His tobacco-stained fingers clutched at his chest. Those fingers that held thousands of cigarettes to his mouth had put him into this tragic situation.

Disease never comes without a cause. We invite it by breaking the laws of health. True, our body will stand a terrific amount of abuse, but finally, it rebels.

The Voice of Prophecy
Thanks to Ajka Hungary for sharing the picture. This picture entitled "Last Request: Please Don't Smoke" found on Flickr in Ajka Hungary photo stream. May God bless you friend.

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  1. sad oo iyo.. im so lucky 2 hav a non-smoker companion..