Friday, November 13, 2009

Why Do You Smoke?

You probably smoked your first cigarette because it was offered by a "friend" and you were urged to smoke to prove something. A sampling of teen-age opinion as to why they smoked brings such replies as, "It makes me feel grown-up." "To prove I am not afraid." "Because my friends do." "Because I was told not to do it."

If you are a smoker, you will remember your first cigarette. It made you quite ill, with dizziness headache and vomiting. This was the effect of the poisons on your body. As you continued to smoke, your nerve cells became tolerant to the poison, and eventually there was created an intense craving for the next cigarette. This forced you to smoke more and more. This craving is produced by the poison, nicotine, which affects the entire body, but especially the sensitive cells of the brain and nervous system. You then have an unnatural urge to smoke every few minutes not because you are nervous, but because your nerve cells, are crying out for the chemical effects of nicotine.

If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that you soon no longer smoke from choice but because you have to. Many young people begin smoking with the intent to smoke only a few cigarettes for two or three years and then stop. This rarely happens, however. The earlier a person begins to smoke, the more intense is the addiction. This explains why so many people smoke in spite of all the information of the harmful effects of smoking.

the best answer to the problem of smoking is prevention. Do not start the habit. If you have it, give it up as early as possible. Your body begins to repair itself of the damage immediately when you stop smoking.

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