Friday, November 13, 2009

Effect of Tobacco Smoke on Non-Smokers

Is the smoker the only one affected by the tobacco smoke? Unfortunately, No. Children who live with smoking parents have higher heart rates and higher blood pressures and more frequent acute illnesses. Even in a well ventilated room where only a few smoke, a non-smoker during an 8 hour day inhales the equivalent of the smoke from one or more cigarettes. But if the air is heavy with smoke, the amount inhaled may go up to the equivalent of 5 to 10 cigarettes.

Surely we would not want to give our friends and relatives headaches, irritation of their eyes, nose and throat or cause them to cough and wheeze.Never would we want to bring a heart attack or cause serious problems with those who have emphysema, but that is exactly what happens to many non-smokers who are forced to live or work in a smoky atmosphere.

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