Thursday, July 2, 2009

Control of the Emotions

As a response to the previous post, I'd really like to state that emotional control is a basic to living a happy life, and becoming a mature person. As you learn to control your emotions, you will be able to tolerate frustrating experiences. Though you can't directly control your feelings, you can control your thoughts and your actions, you dominate your feelings. Discipline yourself to smile; count your blessings, write them down if necessary. Nothing tends more to promote health of body and mind than does a spirit of gratitude and praise.

One of the best way to achieve emotional control is to develop an interest in helping others. Do good to them that hate you. Never carry a grudge. The happiest and best adjusted people live in a world bigger than themselves.

The person who is learning to be mature accepts and adapts to life as it is and makes the most of what he has. He faces problems as they come, one day at a time. He finds joy even in hardships. Life is never perfect for anyone. You'll always find someone worse off than you are. We should change what we can, accept what we cannot change, and pray that God will show us the difference. A mature person does not run away from difficult problems or make excuses for mistakes. Instead he takes his problem to God, who helps him use them as stepping stones to success.

The Voice of Prophecy

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  1. i wanna thank u for this wonderful words....
    its not easy to do good to someone u don't like...its like being hypocrite to others...
    but i do want to have the ability to control emotions....thnx bro! ^_^