Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to Live with Tension and Enjoy It?

These important principles will help you to control excessive stress and your reaction to it.
  1. When there is too much general stress, when mind and body are equally tired, rest is the answer. But when there is local stress in only one part of the body the answer is diversion. For example, diversion, not rest, is the cure for a tired mind. Fatigue from stress must be relieved by work, exercise, and change. A physical fitness programme of walking, swimming, or hard physical work creates a balance between mental activity and physical activity. There must be a balance between mind and muscle.
  2. Take time off from your work frequently. Several shorter vacations during the year are more valuable than one long vacation. These "mini" vacations can be a long week-end where you and your family get away from the everyday stresses of life.
  3. Don't take work home from the office. Organize your work and your office routine so that you can see the family and devote time entirely to them.
  4. Practice some of the principal that you have read and learned in the previous posts of this blog. Live a balanced life of work, play and rest each day. Avoid chemicals such as tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine. Don't overeat and get adequate sleep at night.
  5. Make decisions when the decision need to be made. Hesitation, indecision, and doubt hurt. We always feel better after a decision is made, even though it may be the wrong decision.
  6. Release your worry. talk to yourself. do not repress or do not explode but control your emotions.
  7. Be social. Take time to visit. One of the best ways to control our emotions and stress is to develop an interest in helping others. Many men and women have found help when they turn their attention to helping someone else. There is no influence more healing than the spring of unselfishness flowing from within.
  8. Work and love it. Achievement is the satisfaction and antidote for stress. When one is happy in his work, he does not look at the time clock.
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